Inspiring Hope in Children During a Storm

Raising children requires a lot of responsibility and patience. These qualities are especially true if you plan to introduce children to practice God’s word.

If you happen to be in a middle of a storm, here are some practical tips to inspire hope in your little ones.

1. Assure them with God’s word.

Assure your children through God’s word. Parents can do this step by opening the bible or providing colorful storybooks based on the bible to them. During this step, let them know they are not alone because many of God’s believers also suffered similar circumstances!

2. Ask them about their fears and feelings.

Children are vulnerable. The sounds of roaring thunder and howling winds could inspire fear in them, which could lead them to cry. If that happens, comfort your little ones and keep them safe and warm in a secure place. Talk to them through their fears and worries and ask them to articulate their feelings once they have calmed down.

3. Lift their spirits with songs and stories.

Many people have lived through hard times by finding something to celebrate. If the power is out and you hope to save some energy, try lifting their spirits through song and stories. You can even play word games to help pass the time!

4. Encourage them to pray and talk to God.

Teaching your children to establish a relationship with God through prayer is very important. This lesson teaches them to relay their fears and worries to God. You can also guide them through prayer or pray with them, so they become more confident talking to God.

Nurturing your children to be faithful can be incredibly rewarding. Once you have taught them the power of prayer and faith, you’ll find they eventually gain the strength to weather through more storms (literal and personal) in the future!

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