”A highly recommended book with a heartwarming perspective of how a tragedy has turned into a blessing by humbling ourselves before God and getting a grasp on the situation of why a loving God allows suffering…”

The Moving Words Review

“I watched the news with disbelief about the accounts of devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. However, as is often the case when hearing of events of such magnitude, there is a surreal feeling associated with the images being presented by the media. In this concise, but poignant account of one little New Orleans family’s struggle for survival in the ravages of this monster storm, Cheryl provides a window into the firsthand experiences of these “victims turned victors” by abiding in the power and grace of Jesus Christ. I greatly enjoyed this book and I pray that you also will find it captivating.”

— Janet W.

“In this book, Louder than Thunder, Cheryl has put the reader in the midst of this huge disaster, to experience the tragedy and triumphant. With the turn of each page, the pounding heartbeats of each individual were felt. This is a magnificent piece of work that teaches how God can take us through a devastating ordeal and allows us to STAND!”

— Dr. Irene S. Easley, Author of Sex and the Christian Wife

“This book is well worth your time and investment. The journey is real and leaves you with hope. Great book. Quick read.”

— Sharon, Amazon customer

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