Inspiring Hope in Children During a Storm

Raising children requires a lot of responsibility and patience. These qualities are especially true if you plan to introduce children to practice God’s word. If you happen to be in a middle of a storm, here are some practical tips to inspire hope in your little ones. 1. Assure them with God’s word. Assure yourContinue reading “Inspiring Hope in Children During a Storm”

How to Stay Hopeful During Troubled Times

Troubled times can be anything, whether it involves a storm or a personal struggle. It can be hard to stay hopeful when these events happen because it almost seems like the misery never ends! Fortunately, you are not alone. Here are some gentle reminders to stay hopeful during troubled times. 1. Pray to God. SufferingContinue reading “How to Stay Hopeful During Troubled Times”

Bible Verses to Read During a Storm

Storms are terrifying events that inspire fear and doubt. In the bible, numerous events and verses speak of storms and the like. If you are going through a storm right now (a personal one or a literal one), here are some great verses to help you live through it: 1. Suddenly, a furious storm came upContinue reading “Bible Verses to Read During a Storm”

How to Prepare for Future Storms

Storms can be destructive depending on the kind of level they possess. While it’s good to have faith in God, sometimes He wants us to prepare for the worst. Remember when God gave Noah a warning before he brought on the great flood? If He hadn’t warned Noah, there wouldn’t be any humans left afterContinue reading How to Prepare for Future Storms