Why We Should Help Our Neighbors

I am thankful to the charitable people who helped my father and me during Hurricane Katrina. Despite the effects of the hurricane, my hope never faltered, thanks to God and my neighbors.

I do not doubt that without them, things would’ve been more challenging for my dad and me.

New Orleans has changed as the years have gone by. This recovery wouldn’t have been possible without community help and international aid. Here are reasons why we should help our neighbors or each other:

1. It improves social connections.

One of the unexpected sides to living through a disaster is seeing the social connection between strangers. People who have never interacted before may not be able to make new acquaintances had this event not linked us. This instance shows that even through dire times, beautiful connections can still blossom from within. As such, we need to try to reach out and help. Who knows? We might even make lasting friendships along the way.

2. It distracts us from the pain.

Living in solitude can be peaceful, but it can be painful during hard times. When we connect with others through help and charity, we distract them from the pain even for a moment. It also reminds us that there are things we can look forward to without focusing on the obstacles.

3. It inspires others to do the same.

The great thing about helping others is that it’s contagious. The power of one person assisting another inspires others to do the same. When this happens, we are “paying it forward,” thus making sure no one gets left behind. This act creates a cycle of hope and charity, enabling more goodness into the world.

Helping others is not just a virtue. It’s also human nature. As humans, we are intrinsically social and, thus, help each other during hard times. Much like the good Samaritan, our choices in goodness determine our true virtue.

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