After the Storm: Affirmations for Starting Over

Another realization I learned from living through Hurricane Katrina was the art of starting over. When I lost my home and job, I knew there was no reason for me to stay in New Orleans. This realization was my opportunity for a new beginning.

Nevertheless, it’s still a scary realization. Fortunately, God has provided my father and me with countless help. It was almost exciting to see what He has in store for me. There is absolutely nothing He can’t do!

Still, if you are nervous about new beginnings, here are some affirmations to get you excited:

1. “I am thankful for having another chance at life.”

Whether living through a storm or a bad day, there is always another chance tomorrow. The upside to a bad day is that it only lasts for 24 hours. If it goes longer, you must outlive it until it gives up!

2. “I am open to new possibilities.”

Letting go of your past is one of the most liberating things you can do. While it’s vital to have roots and ties to our heritage, we must accept another truth. This truth is that we are humans who are constantly growing. When we let the past stay in the past, we open ourselves to more substantial and better possibilities.

3. “I am learning new things every day.”

We broaden our horizons to newer lessons when we open ourselves to new possibilities. Our past mistakes are lessons; we become better if we allow ourselves that chance.

4. “God has everything for me to move forward.”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”—Philippians 4:13 — English Standard Version.

How can we go wrong when God is our source of strength? Indeed, if God has allowed us to live through bad days, He has a plan for us. Doubts and fears are usual for humans, but God is stronger than both. We become less doubtful and fearful when we allow ourselves to gain strength by God’s word.

Starting over can be scary, but you are not alone. Once you let God deal with your doubts and fears, His promises become your strength. You are not alone. Have faith and stay strong.

by Cheryl Hawkins

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