Signs that the Lord is Speaking to You

One of the most important things to do after seeking help is to listen. Unfortunately, when one is overwhelmed, one may not be able to make the right decisions at the time. This notion is true whether the problem is personal or akin to a hurricane!

Nevertheless, we must keep the faith. Before we lament that the Lord has forsaken us, we must open our hearts and ears to the heavens. To do this, we must first surrender our fears and worries to the Lord. As we lay our trust and faith unto Him, we can then make out the messages he has for us. Here are some tell-tale signs that He has a message for us:

1. His words echo back to you.

Many devout believers can remember the words of the Lord so clearly. However, this skill may be clouded when we are overwhelmed with fears and anxieties. Nevertheless, when God wants to speak to you, you will know because His holy words always find a way.

2. He is speaking to you from others.

Another way God sends a message to you is through other believers. From pastors to family members and friends—the Lord knows when you need love and support. This instance is also His way of letting you know you are not alone.

3. He is sending you a message through your thoughts and dreams.

One of the most popular ways for the Lord to give His message is through dreams. Joseph, the dreamer, was able to predict a great famine and save many lives thanks to God.

When God wants you to take action, he might provide scenarios that enable you in the right direction. When this happens, take caution and have faith. You must believe He will not abandon you as he prepares you for the future.

4. He is providing you with clear or blocked paths.

Sometimes we feel that God has abandoned us because He doesn’t answer our prayers. When this happens, we need to realize that God does not operate on our desires but our needs. When we want something that isn’t beneficial for us in the long run, the Lord directs us in better directions.

We open ourselves up to the Lord’s word when we learn to listen with our hearts and minds. His will is unlike ours, so when God wants to speak to us, he will always find a way.

by Cheryl Hawkins

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