Dealing with Uncertainties

Dealing with uncertainties is what we all experience in our daily lives. It is common for us to be confronted with challenges and events that cause us to reevaluate our life’s objectives and values. However, our faith must be stronger than our fears. Uncertainties can lead us to doubt, and doubting can result in loss. When life throws you a tough call, you need to remember that God is always there to help you through it.

Hence, here are three things you must know when your journey starts to get a little bumpy:

– Temptations are turbulence. Be your best pilot.

In life, even when things go well, it’s tough to remain optimistic. Every endeavor, no matter how big or small, turbulence will always be there. It may be in the beginning or in the middle, we never know when to expect these kinds of situations. Now it’s up to us to figure out how we’re going to handle things if the going gets tough along the way.

– Patience is a virtue.

Every journey has its own pace. Most people agree that the best way to enjoy an adventure is to take your time, slow down, and absorb it all in. In contrast to popular belief, this isn’t always the case. Some people believe that the sooner they reach their goal, the better. But what they don’t realize is that by speeding things up, they’re also missing a lot out of life.

– Finally, Be a volunteer and live your life.

When everything appears to be snarled up in a single problem, it would seem that moving forward is impossible. Yet, people seem to forget the essence of living a life that is worth the wait. Despite the struggles, one must be prepared to face the next level. If not you, then who? Who will take THAT step to greatness?

I have always been a firm believer that when times get out of hand, the Lord is the only one who knows how to lead the way. When dealing with uncertainties, despite whatever challenges there may be in store for my life, I have always kept the thought of being ready when times of despair may occur. And the Lord, in all his grace, never fails me.

by Cheryl Hawkins

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