The End is a Journey to New Beginnings

Knowing that our life’s demise is right around the corner is extremely frightening. It could be the conclusion of a chapter in one’s life and a journey’s end. However, it’s not every time that the final moments leave you with nothing. The end is always a journey to new beginnings, just as wearing out a pair of shoes will necessitate buying a new pair in the next few days.

And we know that all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

This verse from the bible has helped me process all that happened after Hurricane Katrina. Towns, homes, and families were wiped out by the massive flooding, and there are some heartbreaking tales I’ve heard from people who’ve gone through the horrible trauma of losing everything and being abandoned. These experiences have made me realize that the Lord’s benevolence is always here for us. Whether at the end or the beginning, we’re guided by the Lord through everything we are going through.

Change is something we should not be afraid of, instead, it’s something that we should welcome. The very fact that we made it through the hurricane is a testament to God’s goodness. To embrace the end is to embrace the new beginning that the Lord has given us.

Although this can be seen as a difficult task, a beautiful rainbow always appears after the storm. Likely, your struggles, as well as mine, will be rewarded and blessed by the Lord. We just have to see the brighter side of things and know that the end is a journey to new beginnings.

by Cheryl Hawkins

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